Lustrian Ruins

This is a pair of ruins designed for use with the Games Workshop wargames. They are based on the Lustria setting, which is a jungle/South American setting with Lizardmen. Fantasy rocks.

I created two pieces to help bring out the Lustrian jungle for a campaign I will be running in the near future. These two pieces are ruins of the Lizardmen race, who will no doubt attempt to spank anyone who tries to mess with them.

Click a picture for a more detailed view.

Here we have some pictures of a ziggurat. It is made from layers of foam insulation and some aquarium plants. Painting this was a bit of a chore, as I had to do a number of layers of progressive highlighting to bring out the textures in the "stone".

This piece is a snake-god totem. I used the same techniques on this as with the ziggurat, but I did some more carving of the foam to get the snake shape. The aquarium plants are helping to cover up some cracks where I had trouble getting the paint to cover the foam. Ah, the art of illusion!

To see these pieces with some models on them, check out my Empire Greatswords showcase.
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