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What Is "Florn"?

Florn is a word. It has existed as a name for probably centuries. I've seen people named Florn. There was a clock and watch company whose brand name was Florn.

I only found out about the old meanings of the word in the last few years. I put the letters together and started using the word sometime in the late '90s. What does my florn mean to me? Well, it has something to do with "melm", which is the opposite of "topanga". Others can explain those in more detail.

My florn is a namshub for any number of thoughts and emotions. If you see a florn on the road, name it "florn". If you feel the overwhelming presence of florn in your life, express that florn.

My florn is something I discovered. I do not claim ownership of any florn, though, since that would be as silly as claiming ownership over a math equation or sunset. But unlike florn, the work present on this site is most certainly mine unless otherwise stated. All contents Copyright 2006 Daniel Adinolfi. All rights reserved.